Monday, April 7, 2008

First Post...

So, I don't even really know who will read this blog...or what I will write on it to encourage people to read! My life really isn't that exciting, my family lives close by, and they don't use blogspot anyway! :) But hey, here is a picture of me and my nephew, Anthony (Tino), on Easter. He's getting so big and loves the attention...he'll have a bit of an adjustment once his little brother and cousin are born this summer! (Yes, Megan is pregnant with a girl and Cari is pregnant with a boy!)

Ok, well, life at BYU is coming to a close for this semester...and it is busy as heck right now! I have a lot of stuff due but am trying to keep my social life alive mainly for the purpose of keeping me sane! Of course, I'm not even sure why I'm looking forward to this semester ending so much considering I'm taking a full load spring and summer, then straight back into another fall/winter round again! Yay! Oh yeah, and did I mention the fact that I'm also going to try to triple my hours at work too? Somebody please stop me!

General Conference this weekend was AMAZING! I got to attend the Saturday afternoon session (the BYU combined choirs sang but there were not enough choir seats for all of us so I was not randomly selected to sing...however, I was given complimentary tickets!) I went with my friend Stephanie, also in choir but not singing, and we sat in the 4th row! I have never been closer to the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles and First Presidency in my life! It was so wonderful. I had it confirmed to me numerous times throughout the weekend that Thomas S. Monson is the prophet of God called for our day and time. I love him and the words he spoke. I especially loved it when he asked us to pray for him. That really struck me. I love the opportunity I have to actively participate in the Gospel openly in my daily life. All the time I was watching Conference, I kept thinking back to my circumstances just 6 months ago as I listend to October Conference, sitting on our beds in China, laptops getting the live audio stream at midnight and 4am, having to keep our doors and windows closed. I am so appreciative of the situations I am blessed with now. I had taken it all so for granted before I went to China, then I got there and it was like Heavenly Father was saying to me, "See all that you had living in the US? Why did you never thank me for it?" Well, I'm grateful now! I love this Gospel and all the strength it gives to me in my daily life. I love that we have a living prophet today who speaks to us and is God's mouthpiece on the earth!

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BrittanyB said...

hi! and yay! I love that you have a blog now. It was very nice to keep track of you in China. . . then you stopped. Keep up the posts ;)