Saturday, April 26, 2008

DONE!!!!!...for now. :)

So, my last 2 days have been entirely consumed by graduation ceremonies, parties, etc for my mom and my brother, Michael. Yes, my mom graduated after 30 years and she was ecstatic about it! We found out after the fact that Mom and Michael could have walked together, but alas, we went to 2 of them being for the Marriott School, which is a whole bunch of business guys with no sense of humor...and over 1000 names to read. Nobody was getting any applause because it was just so long and boring. So Michael, wanting to spice up the ceremony a bit (he walked a little over halfway into the name-reading), decided to cross out his middle names on the little card he was to hand to the announcer. All of a sudden, we hear "Michael Jackson," and the crowd started laughing, then clapped because they felt bad for laughing at his he got quite a bit of applause and everyone kind of tuned in again to what was going on. The whole rest of it, I spent playing tetris on my phone...singlemost wise purchase I have ever made. :)

Anyway, now I have about 3 days break before spring term starts. But I'm trying to take some more fun classes so it's not complete drudgery for the next 2 months. I'm doing voice lessons, bowling, beginning organ, and history of psychology (no, I do not consider that last one fun, just in case you were wondering...) :) But at least I'm going shopping with Kiley next week!


BrittanyB said...

I loved all the pics of the weekend on facebook. Congrats on being one more semester closer to done ;)

Callie said...

So, I saw your page from Brittany's and I must say it really freaked me out to see how old you are now! You know how sometimes when so much time has gone by and you haven't seen someone, you just think time stood still? Does that even make sense? Anyway, in my head you were still in like Junior High. Ha! I am glad to see things are going well for you!

Kelsie Maher said...

LOVEING the family pictures. I didn't know your mom was done with school! Thats awesome. Camerons mom is still working on it. Anyway, glad you have a blog and keep it updated, i'll add you to my list!
miss yoU!

Mrs. Schmalison said...

You know, we were there that whole week and we were at big graduation ceremony on Thursday and again on Friday for Sara's. I was actually looking for you guys in the crazy crowd but the chances of finding you were slim.