Wednesday, June 18, 2008

my summer thus far

So, it's been a while since I last fact, an entire term has come and gone, with finals today and tomorrow. I took a bowling class, which was incredibly awesome! My high score for the term was 225!!! I got a print-out for evidence. :) I also took a beginning organ class and can now play 3 hymns on the organ if I'm ever called upon to do so...Redeemer of Israel, How Gentle God's Commands, and Father in Heaven, We Do Believe. Yay! And I took a class called history of psychology...I hated it and will be SO glad tomorrow at 2pm when I never have to see it again. :)

Oh yeah, I have a new niece! My sister-in-law, Megan, had a beautiful baby girl on May 22, named Victoria Eugenia Jackson. So Chris and Megan are parents! She is so cute and tiny!

I have also been keeping myself busy with HOBY! I can't get enough of it! In case any of you don't know, it's a leadership conference for high school sophomores held in every state for one kid from each school in that state. I attended as a sophomore and have stayed really involved with it. I'm now on the corporate board for Utah's site. Anyway, I love it and just try to give back as much as I possibly can. I think high school kids have so much potential that people just give up on too easily. So we had Utah's seminar in early May and it was amazing! Then I got an email from Colorado asking if anybody could please make it out for their seminar because they were short facilitators (adult in charge of a small group of 8-10 kids). I jumped at the chance and it was held last weekend in Denver. It was such a cool experience and I made so many cool friends and memories. One day, we took the kids on a field trip into downtown Denver and got to tour the state capitol building, then we ran into the governor on our way out so he stopped and talked to us for a bit, we did a service project up in the Rocky Mountains; it was just all a really great experience!


Mrs. Schmalison said...

I was hoping your mom would post some pictures of Chris and his wife and the baby on Facebook. Im glad you did I wanted to see him holding her. You are always on the go. Get it in while you can before you get hitched and have kids.

Brian said...

Awww! Their baby is so cute! And it looks like you had fun at HOBY! (I'm still not entirely sure what that is, you should explain sometime.) We need to hang out soon!

Kelsie Maher said...

Thanks for FINALLY posting! my gosh... just jokin, you sound like your ultra busy. Good for you! So.... i'll be driving through UT in about 2 weeks... you gonna be around? wanna ride to bako? lol... :)

BrittanyB said...

busy busy busy. . . as usual! I hope you have time somewhere in there to really enjoy it all ;)

Spencer and Aly Larsen said...

Well aren't you a busy body! I ran into your mom a few weeks ago at the creamery. Its good to see that you are doing well!
Hope you have a fun rest of the summer and good job on that bowling score.

MegiJones said...

Meagan! Hey this is Megi...found your blog off of Kelsie's and it was fun to catch up on you and your family...I hadn't heard that Chris and Megan had their baby...sooo exciting! Anyway, hope you don't mind me checkin out your blog now and again.

Sister Earl said...

Hey Meagan,
Yours is kind of a newish blog--and so cool. Now I can put faces to some of the important people in your life.

A good read; how very brave of you.

Sister Earl