Thursday, January 15, 2009

Procedure for When I Pass Out

I put this together as a bit of a fun little project, and to calm my new roommates who are freaking out at the thought of having to help me if something happens. I tried to make it lighthearted and fun, but still very informational so that whoever is helping me will remain calm. :) And I will probably have to give this, or something similar, to my mission companions. :)

Oh, and by the way, the doctor has given me the 100% thumbs up to go on a mission!!! He said he will sign my papers but he doesn't need to see me for any more appointments until right before I go into the MTC this summer just to make sure I have enough medication for my mission! Woohoo! My biggest worry of the semester is now no longer worrisome. :) Also, he said the only limit on my mission call will be that I will have to serve in a 1st world country but I am ok with that. :) I will keep you all posted...

Info for the EMT’s:
• Full Name: Meagan...
• Birthday: April 30...age...
• Past diagnosis: Neurocardiogenic syncope
• Current medication: Fludrocortisone, 0.1mg tablets, 2 tablets daily
• Has this happened before? Yes, often
  • Causes: Heat, altitude, physical exertion, standing for long periods of time, not enough salt, not enough food, not enough water, stress

Don’t freak out! It is usually not necessary to even call the EMT’s. Just follow this procedure and you and I will both be fine. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this or it is stressing you out or I am doing something you think is out of the ordinary, skip now to step 7. ☺
  1. Get me in a laying down position.
  • Note: Many times I can hear you but I can’t respond, so talk to me. It helps me recover quicker, especially if you say things that will make me laugh or make me angry ☺
  • Anger raises my blood pressure, which is good…*hint hint*… ☺
  • Also, while people are running around getting things for me/freaking out, make sure at least one person is staying with me and doesn’t take their eyes off me (I have been known to stop breathing for only a couple seconds but that can be prevented by someone keeping an eye on me).
2. Do anything you need to in order to keep my eyes open…shake me, slap me, do whatever but keep me at least looking around.

3. If I look overheated, put cool paper towels or something like that on my forehead. It may be wise to take off my sweatshirt if I have one on and/or my shoes.

4. Hold my hands and maybe massage them. It’s comforting to me and also keeps my blood flowing in my extremities, which is good.

5. Give me water/Powerade and something salty (chips, crackers, pretzels, etc). Chocolate also works if you don’t have crackers.
  • If I seem like I’m not really alert enough to eat or drink, give it to me anyway
  • Also, if you call the EMT’s, they will tell you to not give me anything to eat or drink…do it anyway, trust me. ☺

6. Once I start looking somewhat alert in my face, I may be really confused and ask you what’s going on. Just go with it and keep feeding me and making me drink. Oh, and I’ve been known to glare at the people helping me, deny that I just passed out, and/or try to get up to go for a walk. Don’t let me go for a walk. This may cause me to glare even more at you but that is a good sign. Glares from me are good signs; it means you’re doing the right thing and I’m getting better. I usually start glaring once I kind of realize what is going on because I am really frustrated at the situation, not you.

7. There are several people you can call other than the EMT’s who have been with me on multiple occasions passing out. They can help calm you and tell you if I am doing something out of the ordinary that requires other attention.

  • Amy Dyer (friend, certified EMT) –(phone numbers are here on the actual thing...)
  • Breanne Jensen (friend, nurse) –
  • Holly Kovach (friend, certified EMT) –
  • Kristen Bleak (friend, nurse) –

If after all this I am still not showing signs of improvement, then you have my permission to call the BYU EMT’s (801) 422-2222.
They know me. ☺

Oh, and no matter how much I glare at you, please know that I am so grateful to you for helping me out and/or getting me the help I need. THANK YOU!!!!!


Emilee Louise said...

Meagan!! Hey girl!! Thanks for the medical tips! ;) so good to hear from you!

emily and kevin griffin said...

you're funny. of course this would've been helpful 3 years ago when we would all find you passed out on the ground...just kidding! Yay for missions, we're excited for you!

Kelsie Maher said...

ok friend, I have to admit to being a huge slacker on the blog reading, but that misteltoe song you wrote is HILARIOUS!!! I absolutely loved it!! :)

Anonymous said...

I love that I got a shout out on your blog...even though I really don't know anything. Sorry me and Kristen still owe you CPK. Enjoy life!