Friday, January 23, 2009

Life thus far

Ok, so it has been a while since I've written anything about actual life...

I moved at the beginning of this semester to a complex 2 blocks away from my old one (so of course I'm in a new stake). I have 3 roommates, Kadi, Leah, and Nicole, and they are wonderful.
(Ok, so this is my friend Victoria, who had her roommates trace her on a piece of paper for my 3rd roommate, because there is an empty spot in our apartment...and we named her Nicole. She is currently laying on my bed.) When I made the decision to move, I didn't really know why I did it but I felt like there were more people I needed to meet and learn things from before my mission or whatever comes next in life, and I definitely have already met some amazing people. And the other wonderful thing about my new place is that for the first time in a very long time, I jumped straight into things; confident, happy, and myself, and people are responding really well to it. I'm loving life...for the most part. :)

I love the progression in these pictures. Basically, we didn't know it was taking 4 in a 1) funny face, 2) amused with ourselves that we pulled a funny face, 3) confused that it is still taking pictures, 4) OH! it's taking 4 pictures! :)

I went to the dentist yesterday to get a check-up for my mission and who knew it would be so much more than that? After 20 blissful years of no cavities (or any dental work, for that matter), my new friend Dr. Harding found 2 cavities! Grrr....I blame the bad water I brushed my teeth with in China. So today I went in to get the cavities filled. Needless to say, I had an incredibly numb left side of my face for about 5 joke. My speech was all slurred and I felt like I was pulling the dopiest smile you've ever seen, but my friends assured me I looked fine so...I don't know how much I believe them. :) luckily the numbness went away before my date this evening. Oh, and for other dentist news: I was told several years ago by a dentist that my wisdom teeth would not cause me any problems...then today Dr. Harding told me that I need to get all 4 of them out before my mission, and 2 of them are compacted. Yay for oral surgeons.

Basically, this all comes down to...if you have any tips for being able to handle getting your wisdom teeth out, they would be greatly appreciated. :)

And one day, I was walking around campus, and was greeted by this in the quad...and someone had made stairs in the back of it so you could climb it. We called it the Rameumptom. By the way, while I was up there yelling around like this, an unusual number of people I knew just happened to go walking by...coincidence? I think not.


BrittanyB said...

I'm loving the rameumpton. . especially the face in it ;)

Brian said...

Oh Meagan, you're such a sinner. I will NOT let your Rameumpton block my view of the Tree of Life! JK. What an awesome find. Also, sad day about the wisdom teeth. :(

Elena said...

One reason I hate going to the Doctor or Dentist...they may have bad news. I have the same problem with my wisdom teeth. They would need to take out all 4 even though only two are a problem but, I am too scared to get them removed. Sorry I have no experience in this department to give advice:( I hope it all turns out okay for you though.

Emilee Louise said...

I've never had a cavity either, so I'm definitely nervous about my next appointment since my face has been doing this numbness/tingling thing!

Love the new roommate btw.

emily and kevin griffin said...

milk the ice cream diet while you have a good excuse. advil is amazing too. haha.