Monday, February 2, 2009


So, how much allowance on the socially clueless scale do you make for recently returned missionaries?

Don't really want to go into details here, but any thoughts on the matter would be greatly appreciated. You can call me if you really want to know.



BrittanyB said...

it depends on where they served and how long they've been home. Maybe you should e-mail me the details and I'll tell you if they've got an excuse or not ;)

Brian said...

Oh, there is NO allowance. I think it's the missionary's job to reintegrate themselves back into society with all due haste! :P
Nah, I'd say give it a bit of time... like a few weeks.

Me talking about ME! =) said...

Ha ha oh meagan, how much i love you. There is no excuse for a boys stupidity. No allowance in my book after about 2 months. =) I love you meagan! =)

T. F. said...

I'm with B-- email me the details and i'll give you my expert advice :)

Karen E said...

A person's actions are supposed to match their words. This is one of the many purposes of mission - to teach one to be steadfast and honorable. IF he is doing one thing and saying another, or even if he is USING reaclimation to "normal" life as an excuse for acting flaky, then it is an unhonorable excuse and he is unworthy of you.