Sunday, February 15, 2009

You know it's bad when...

(Yes, all these things have happened to me recently but I don't intend for this to be serious in any way. I still love life :)

You Know It's Bad When:
  1. You catch yourself saying, “It was so warm today…it got up to 20 degrees!”
  2. You enjoy coming up with a diagnosis for yourself every week in abnormal psychology.
  3. You have to turn down a president’s day weekend roadtrip to California because you have to accompany the ward choir on Sunday.
  4. One of the free samples at Costco is apple beer…and they have to reassure you it’s not alcoholic.
  5. Your mom gives you a “Grow-Your-Own Boyfriend” for Valentine’s Day.
  6. You look for a preemie so you can write each other during your missions.
  7. You just want to get out of Utah so bad that you consider the possibility of “escaping” to Idaho.
  8. You have a life-size paper doll as a roommate.
  9. “Real food” is also known as pizza.
  10. You can’t unlock your car because the doors are frozen shut.
  11. After receiving a red rose in Women’s Chorus the day before Valentine’s Day, you walk out of the building, rose in hand, and say, “I love Women’s Chorus; it makes me feel like I have a man.”


cari said...

Just another few months and you won't have to worry about any of it. How nice. BTW- what is a "grow your own boyfriend?" Sounds funny.

Kelsie Maher said...

hahaha.... you crack me up! I'm glad we got to visit a little last week.

Brian said...

Yeah, it seems like you've got a bad case of Utah-itis. It's a pretty common disorder that occurs when Californians move to Utah and eventually and inevitably become assimilated into Utard culture. :P

But yeah, I was just thinking the other day: "Holy business, I've been in Utah for way too long!"