Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Final prep...

Please allow the following paragraph of venting:
Going on a mission is WAY more expensive than people tell you about...and I'm not just talking about the $400/month to actually be out there. I have been having to dish out the cash getting my papers ready! Cavity fillings, wisdom teeth removal, immunizations, TB test, clothes (which I haven't bought yet), etc... Then to add on top of it, for every one of these things, it is requiring me to take time off work to get them accomplished so I'm, in effect, losing the little money I can make. Oh well, it's all in the name of a mission.

Speaking of my mission, I will be putting my papers in on March 25 (ideally). I've gotten my letter from my cardiologist and ran around yesterday having everyone sign everything. Now I'm just waiting to see if little bumps will show up on my arm from my TB test sign yet... :) Interviews with the bishop and stake president are set! Woohoo!!

So you can start making the guesses if you want, though it will be about a month before I find out. It might be helpful for you to know that I will have to stay in a country with adequate medical care (USA, Canada, England (my dad would be proud), other parts of Europe, Australia, New Zealand, or Japan...) My next post will most likely be once I put the papers in.

Oh, and I've been doing jazzercise to get in shape. :)



Meagan, I am so excited for you! I know it does take alot of preparation and work to leave for the mission field. I remember all of my prep. for the field and I was busy!! I sure do miss the mission field.

You will live and breath the gospel everyday with a mantle on your shoulders. It is an incredible feeling and experience.

Looking forward to you putting in your papers and meeting with your Bishop and Stake President. I loved that!! Also, very excited to find out where the Lord will be sending you. You are an amazing example and will be an incredible missionary.

If there is anything I can do to help you, or you have any questions, please let me know. My email address is

Take care and hope all goes well in these final preparations.

Kelsie Maher said...

sounds like you have been busy my friend. I think you will be in japan... thats my guess, and then MY dad would be proud!! :)

Brian said...

Exciting! I'm so glad things are coming together for you!

And I'm pretty sure I would die of laughter if you got called to Scotland. I think your father would have an aneurysm. :P