Monday, March 23, 2009


Well, my mission papers are done, interviews and all. However, yesterday when I went to my interview with the stake president, he asked for my medical forms. I told him that my bishop said he had put them in his box...we looked and they weren't there. We tried calling my bishop but he didn't answer. I still had my interview and the stake president told me to just come back later that day whenever I got them and give them to him. So I left the stake offices at about 2:00pm pretty upset. I got back to my complex and went down to where the bishop holds interviews but he wasn't there because of the Draper temple dedication. I told my friend Amanda what was going on, then went up to my apartment to be visit taught. While I was being visit taught, Amanda came knocking on my door and said the bishop had shown up for a second, she told him what happened, and he handed her a packet of papers saying, "Here are the photocopies I made of all of her papers before I handed them in. Guard them with your life!" Woohoo, right? Nope.

As soon as my visiting teachers left, I rushed back up to the stake offices and got there at about 2:20pm. They were all closed up and dark...apparently they had left in that 20 minutes for the temple dedication as well. I waited around for another 20 minutes or so, hoping that somebody would show up, but they didn't. Once again, I left the stake offices and took the long way home, letting out quite a few tears on the way. Well, let me explain...I know that my mission papers will go in when they are supposed to and I will leave when I am supposed to, but it was still frustrating. I had just gone through and was still going through probably the hardest week I've ever had at BYU (4 papers, a test, 2 projects, a presentation, passing out, throwing up, and cramps) and this just tipped me over the edge for a bit.

So while I was walking home, I was questioning how much harder it was going to get for me as I prepare to leave on my mission. Satan has been trying to beat me down mercilessly this last couple of months...I have never felt him stronger than I am now. Hopefully that just means that Satan knows I am going to be a dang good missionary! But even with all these temptations from Satan, I know more than ever that the Lord is aware of me. He sent people into my path yesterday afternoon that proved to be such a strength and comfort to me. I know that what I am trying to do is worth it. The gospel is true and the Savior knows and loves each of us and I just want to be able to share that with everyone I know.

I'll keep you all posted.

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The Chris Jackson's said...

You will prevail. We are so excited for you Meagan. You will be a great missionary. Let us know if there is anything we can do and we will keep you in our thoughts and prayers.