Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Attitude of Gratitude

I have so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. The blessings that have come to me and my family this last year have been plentiful and I know that the Lord knows me personally and is aware of my needs. Here's a list of just a few things I am grateful for on this day of thanks:
  1. My wonderful family that grew by 2 members this year, Victoria and Ethan. Also the amazing strength with which my parents have led our family through this last year and a half since moving to Utah. It hasn't been easy, but they have kept it together and they do what's right with all their heart and trust the Lord with the rest.
  2. The gospel and my Savior's atonement. I know that whatever I go through, He has been through it too and can help me along.
  3. The opportunity I have to go to BYU and combine my spiritual with my temporal knowledge to be able to serve throughout my life.
  4. Angels among me that I come in contact with every day, namely my friends who are an amazing strength and support to me.
  5. The Holy Ghost, His promptings that keep me making the right decisions to get me where I need to be.
  6. My health - yes I pass out frequently, but I am grateful it is nothing more serious than that.
  7. Music...everything about music...especially being able to be in the BYU Women's Chorus for my third year. The friendships I have made are amazing and the spirit I feel on a daily basis strengthens me more than I can probably ever know.

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BrittanyB said...

you have such a wonderful outlook on life these days. . . it makes me happy to hear ;)