Saturday, November 8, 2008

The glass is half full

I think I have finally figured something out: I like me for me. Does that sound conceited? It's not intended to. I spent so much of my teenage years trying to conform to what people thought I should be like; what they would accept me as. Unfortunately, the only thing I got out of that was a dislike for myself, unhappiness, and stress. But over this last couple of years, and especially weeks, I have discovered who I really am, my goods and my bads, my strengths and my weaknesses, and I can embrace them and let them fuel my actions (maybe because I'm a psych major). I've noticed a big change this semester as I've accepted myself...I'm happier, more confident, and more approachable. So here are a couple of things about my innate self that, unless you have interacted with me in the last several months, you might not know. But this is me, and I'm happy.

I love life and people in it. I can handle conflict situations unless it is a conflict between people. I much prefer play over work...I'm way more likely to work harder at job I'm volunteering for than if I'm getting paid. Large groups energize me but I prefer small group discussion. I like doing short-term things where I can see an end in sight. I have a low tolerance for stress and scatter myself in too many directions. I love hugs and I love little kids (hugs from kids are especially special). I eventually want to work with high school kids because I think most people blow them off too quickly waiting for them to come out of their know-it-all phase when they need help getting through that phase first. I like to smile; sometimes I have a really big smile on my face and my friends think that I have some amazing story for them about a date or something but I don't usually, it's just nice to smile. :)

Haha, ok, I'm done now. Here are some pics from my most recent Women's Chorus concert. We did a Disney princess medley and wore tiaras and chiffon "goddess" shawls for "I Won't Say I'm in Love."

I had a bit of trouble decorating my tiara...not really my thing... :)
And yes, I still don't know how to do eyeliner properly...thank goodness for Jenny!


BrittanyB said...

It is nice to hear that you are so happy with life. . . makes me happy ;) So was that quote on facebook then just a reference to the concert, or do you still have a secret you haven't told me?

cari said...

You look hot Meg. You better not let the boys see you like that or your facebook status will become a reality. Love you Meme

T. F. said...

You do look beautiful and I love your post about loving yourself and embracing who you really are! That makes me so proud and so happy for you! I know you are FABULOUS and I love you. We need to get together VERY soon. Call me dear.

The Chris Jackson's said...

So cute. It's always fun to dress up as a princess, although I guess in reality we all are and don't have to dress up at all. I am glad that things are going so well for you! We love you.