Monday, April 20, 2009

But, Whatever Shall I Do?

Life is just grand. I'm sitting here, mulling over the thought that I have finished my finals! That means I am DONE for a full 20 months! That's right...Done. Yongwan. Hecho. (Note: Please remember, I don't speak Spanish...yet). How long has it been since I've experienced this kind of freedom? Try...NEVER! Yeah, I'm just a little overwhelmed as to what I should do with myself now...

Oh wait, nevermind, it's planned (you really think I'm going to waste time just waiting for something to happen this summer?):
  • Road trip to San Diego/Disneyland with my friend for our birthdays! Yes, 3 days in Disneyland for $70...I'd say that's a deal. Oh, and P.S. This trip obviously includes In 'N Out.
  • HOBY! That blessed time when I make friends with high school kids again and tire my voice out from doing cheers and skits.
  • Wisdom teeth...note that this does NOT deserve an exclamation mark...or special colors...or bigger font...grrr...
  • Road trip to Bakersfield/Santa Barbara with my mom! One last girl's week before my mission.
  • Strawberries 'N Cream frappuccinos every day for a week with my best friend ever, Jessica, who gets home from her mission one week before I leave on mine.
  • And of course in between all that...sewing away at work. It's a party there during the summer though so no big deal.

Needless to say, this next 2.5 months will fly by. And it is going to be amazing. :)


Brian said...

That sounds like the best summer ever! Don't forget we need to fit in some hang-out time before you run off! :D

Kelsie Maher said...

Sounds like a ton of fun! I wish my summer was looking that eventful. :) Goodluck staying occupied during your well deserved break!