Monday, May 4, 2009


Ok, first of all, I had a WONDERFUL road trip to California for my birthday. Pictures and details to come later. But for now, I need to vent and basically I'm venting about my own stupidity.

I always forget to check my oil in my car. My dad is always telling me I should and I always forget. Well, my car had just been in the shop about 2 months ago so for some reason, I had it in my head that that meant the oil had been checked. That, of course, is wrong.

So I didn't check my oil before I went on a road trip to California for a week with my friends. I dropped them all off at LAX on Saturday for them to fly home while I drove myself back up to Utah. I stayed 2 nights at a friend's place in Henderson then finished my drive today. About 5 miles south of Nephi (about an hour south of Provo), my car decided to sputter and die. Luckily I pulled over in time. I called my dad, he called the tow truck and I got towed to Nephi, where he met me. Upon brief inspection of my car by the mechanics, it was determined that I had ruined my transmission or something and it would cost as much money to get it fixed as my car is worth. So we're not getting it fixed. I unloaded everything out of my car, put it in my dad's, and we drove away. My car will now be sent to the junkyard because, well, that's what it is. At least it happened on the way home instead of on the way there and I was pretty close to home so my dad could come get me. Count your blessings, I guess.

I was planning on selling my car before I leave on my mission and using the money to help pay for my mission but I guess that won't be happening now. Please don't tell me I was dumb for not checking my oil because I think I know that. Thanks. My next post, which will be about the rest of my road trip, will make no mention of the car breaking down so it will be happy...but I needed to vent for a second.

If only I had known it was going to break down...I wouldn't have topped off the gas in Cedar City... :)


cari said...

How lame. I'm sorry. Cars are just money pits. Let me know if you need rides anywhere.

Hansen Family said...

I am so sorry! I could have bought you a new car with how much our transmission cost! At least you will be on a mission soon...I feel your pain.

Anonymous said...

dang!!! at least you had fun in Cali before it died?